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Ascot Vale Cellars

Raymond Ragnaud Pineau Blanc

Raymond Ragnaud Pineau Blanc

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Distilling takes place in two stages in two copper pot stills with a capacity of 16 hectolistres. The first distillation is called ""Le brouillis"", with an alcohol content of 24° to 32 ° depending on the wine being ditilled, which is then distilled a second time to produce the ""bonne chauffe"" where only the ""coeur"" (the heart) is retained, with an alcohol content of 70°, producing a crystal-clear pure eau-de-vie.

This nectar remains in our aging cellars for about a year, stocked in a new oak casks from the Limousin area, before being transferred to older casks to avoid excessive tannin. The eaux-de-vie undergo many changes during this long period in the casks : the volume and the alcohol content are reduced, the colour and the bouquet are transformed to become ""cognac"". Once they reach maturity, these ""eaux-de-vie"" are ""awakened"" after several years to be blended to produce a harmonious, subtle cognac which is both full-bodied and mellow."

17% 700ml

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