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Ascot Vale Cellars

Fleurieu Distillery Don Quixote Whisky

Fleurieu Distillery Don Quixote Whisky

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Here at Fleurieu Distillery we rarely release single casks.  Don Quixote is an exception.  Sourced from one of our Barrels of Gratitude, it exhibits quintessential Apera matured whisky at cask strength.  Named after Cervante’s 16th Century comical hero, Don Quixote was idealistic, and chivalrous but caught in the disconnect between imagination and reality.  Lost in chivalrous notions, his noble intentions led to hilarious and unintentional consequences.  Misguided as he was – his passion for life was remarkable. May this cask-strength whisky fire your imagination, inspiration, and integrity to live a life less ordinary.  This whisky has lovely brandished fruit notes over oak and grain notes on the nose.  Malty sweetness with an overlay of stewed rhubarb and a lengthy slightly drier finish. Enjoy!

59.2% 700ml

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