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Ascot Vale Cellars

Fleurieu Distillery Albatross Whisky

Fleurieu Distillery Albatross Whisky

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The wandering storm bird.

Said to be the souls of lost sailors, these roaming aeronauts glide endlessly over the vast and sometimes inhospitable Southern Ocean.  Seen as an omen of both good luck and bad, these occasional visitors to our shores perfectly embody grace endurance, and fragility.

The Fleurieu coast also weathers the wild Southern Ocean. It is here our whisky develops expressive maple and vanilla oak overtones mixed with spicy sea-air aromas.  These elegantly combine to create a smooth-bodied character.  The Fleurieu Distillery Single Malt Whisky program carries on its gradual evolution through this continuous release, drawing inspiration from the national and international awards and trophies won over recent years.

Nose: Lifted malt nose

Palate: a lively palate with hints of allspice and nutmeg integrated with tawny oak character for good weight and length,

Finish: lingering barley and raisin sweetness

46% 700ml

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